Blue Amnesia (AAA)

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Blue Amnesia (AAA)

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  • 28 grams $180

Auto Blue Amnesia is a hybrid cannabis strain created via the crossbreeding of parent strains Amnesia, Blueberry, and Cannabis ruderalis. This interesting merging of genetics has resulted in a rather high THC content of 18 percent.

Additionally, the flavour profile provided by plants when being smoked can be described as having bubblegum and sweet tastes. These factors really add to the smoking experience and add sensual pleasure to the high, factors that will excite and stimulate cannabis connoisseurs.

The high THC content found within the flowers of Auto Blue Amnesia result in a hard hitting and long lasting high that features both indica and sativa effects. Experienced smokers may even be surprised at just how potent this strain can be.

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2 reviews for Blue Amnesia (AAA)

(verified owner)

Very exotic strain. Great bud formation and taste.
Incredible colours of green and orange hairs throughout the deep purple.
Definitely on my purchase again list.

(verified owner)

Great strain, excellent taste on exhale.
Burns clean, good for mood enhancement and appetite.
Not too heavy, still a social smoke.

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